Manual Wheelchair Maintenance: Keeping your chair in Top Shape


Wheelchair maintenance is essential because it saves maintenance costs. It extends their lifespan and prevents injury & long-term damage to the user’s body. Wheelchair maintenance will be comfortable, it isn't energy efficient and easy to use. Cushion maintenance will continue to relieve pressure and help.

How often should I do a maintenance check on my chair?

If you use a wheelchair regularly, its mechanics may deteriorate a bit. Since these features are essential for mobility, they must be kept in good working order at all times. Follow these simple inspection and maintenance tips and you’ll help extend the life of your chair.

  • Wipe off any visual dirt and debris and clean
  • Ensure parts are in working order and engaged properly, especially wheel locks
  • Disinfect the wheelchair as needed
  • Check tire pressure and inflate if needed
  • Check wheel locks
  • Remove hair from casters
  • Inflate tires if needed
  • Check all hardware, and tighten as needed
  • Check wheel locks after inflating tires
  • Free spin all wheels and casters to check bearings
  • Clean all parts while performing thorough maintenance
  • Check cushion and backrest including padding/hardware/covers
  • Have the wheelchair inspected by a qualified technician

Why is proper maintenance important?

Maintaining your manual wheelchair is essential for the user’s safety & comfort. Plus, it also ensures the longevity of the equipment. Neglecting maintenance can result in a wheelchair prematurely worn out. Hence, it affects the performance of the wheelchair. thus, leading to accidents. By following the above simple tips, you can extend your wheelchair’s life.
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