5 Essential Tips for First-Time manual wheelchair users

The use of a manual wheelchair can provide independence for individuals with mobility limitations. Whether you're a wheelchair user or you're assisting someone using it, proper techniques are a must. you should consider the helpful tips to gain experience smoothly and effectively.

Proper Seating and Posture alignment in a Manual Wheelchair

Proper posture and posture in a manual wheelchair are important for overall comfort, convenience, and well-being. A properly fitted wheelchair with adequate space can prevent discomfort. You can also avoid pressure sores and other potential health issues. In this article, we examine the importance of proper seating & posture in manual wheelchairs. Here, you can also get valuable tips for achieving optimal posture.

How to use a wheelchair safely?

When it’s time to get in the wheelchair, confirm that the brakes are on. also, check the pedals are out of your way. Stand with your back to the chair & place your hands on your elbows. Then, slowly lower your body into the seat. Squat down and place your feet on the heel rails. You come close to stopping that way, which starts with confirming that the brakes are on and the pedals are out of the way. If you use walking equipment, clean it before you get up.

  • Put your hand on the handlebars on the rear wheel.
  • Push forward and down on the elbow.
  • Hold the left wheel and push the right wheel forward.
  • Go forward, grab the wheel, and push back.
  • Thread the rims and use friction to slow them down.
  • Lean forward slightly and use quick, short pushes.
  • Ask a caregiver for assistance just to be safe.
  • Engage the locks on each rear wheel if you need to stay in one place.
  • To fold the wheelchair up, grip the front and back of the seat and lift it up.
  • Wait for the bus driver to lower the ramp to the ground for you.
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