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Showing 1 - 24 of 32 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 32 products
Caremax Steel Commode Chair, Ca612Caremax Steel Commode Chair, Ca612
Caremax Steel Commode Chair, Ca613Caremax Steel Commode Chair, Ca613
Caremax Commode Chair Heavy Duty, Ca6208Caremax Commode Chair Heavy Duty, Ca6208
Caremax Aluminium Commode Chair, Ca615LCaremax Aluminium Commode Chair, Ca615L
Caremax Shower Commode ChairCaremax Shower Commode Chair
Caremax Steel Heavy Duty WheelchairCaremax Steel Heavy Duty Wheelchair
Caremax Aluminium Transport Chair, Ca9781LfhCaremax Aluminium Transport Chair, Ca9781Lfh
Caremax Comfort (R1) Aluminum Liquid Frame Vinyl-CoatedCaremax Comfort (R1) Aluminum Liquid Frame Vinyl-Coated
Caremax Aluminum Rollator, Ca8861LCaremax Aluminum Rollator, Ca8861L
Caremax Aluminum Rollator, Ca8770LCaremax Aluminum Rollator, Ca8770L
Caremax Aluminum RollatorCaremax Aluminum Rollator
Caremax Caremax Aluminum Rollator
Sale price843.15 AED
Caremax Anodize Walker, Ca811Lg-5Caremax Anodize Walker, Ca811Lg-5
Caremax Aluminum Walker, Ca828LCaremax Aluminum Walker, Ca828L
Caremax Aluminum Walker, Ca8123Lg-3Caremax Aluminum Walker, Ca8123Lg-3
Caremax Aluminum Walker, Ca811LCaremax Aluminum Walker, Ca811L
Caremax Walker With Push Arm, Ca818LCaremax Walker With Push Arm, Ca818L
Caremax Elbow Crutch, Ca851L2Caremax Elbow Crutch, Ca851L2
Caremax Elbow Crutch, Ca851L1Caremax Elbow Crutch, Ca851L1
Caremax Cane Bronze, Ca833L2Caremax Cane Bronze, Ca833L2
Caremax Aluminum Cane, CA833L4, SilverCaremax Aluminum Cane, CA833L4, Silver
Caremax Cane Seat, Ca836Caremax Cane Seat, Ca836
Caremax Caremax Cane Seat, Ca836
Sale price65.10 AED
Caremax Aluminium Transport Bench, Ca362L
Caremax Aluminum Shower Chair, Ca355LCaremax Aluminum Shower Chair, Ca355L
Caremax Aluminum Foot Step, Ca3372LCaremax Aluminum Foot Step, Ca3372L