Trulife Tri Featherweight Foam Prosthesis

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Size: Size 05
Sale price120.75 AEDVAT Inclusive
Description: Trulife Tri-Featherweight Breast Form is made up of soft foam with a non-irritating and gentle cotton-backed (see more...)

Trulife Tri-Featherweight Breast Form is made up of soft foam with a non-irritating and gentle cotton-backed cover. This symmetrical triangle shaped foam breast form can be worn on the left or right side of the body. Tri-Featherweight Breast Form is intended for immediate post-operative use until the surgical site is healed. It is an average profile breast form, designed for a woman who wishes to wear a bra that provides comfort and support with minimum coverage and lower necklines. Its cotton-backed cover is removable for washing.


• Triangular shaped foam breast form fits securely in post-surgical camisoles and pocketed bras.
• Soft and non-weighted.
• Shape:Symmetrical Triangle.
• Sizes: 1-14.


• Ideal choice for temporary or occasional wear during leisure activities.
• Appropriate for post-operative and leisure use after mastectomy/breast cancer surgery procedures, and especially contemporary surgical techniques where less breast tissue is removed.
• Helps reduce spine curving and shoulder problems caused by weight asymmetry after a mastectomy.
• Primary benefit of this Breast Form is that it restores balance to the body by replacing the weight loss in the breast area following a mastectomy.
• Breast form helps a woman restore the natural silhouette to the body for good mental and emotional health.
• Breast form helps a woman look and feel feminine, attractive, confident and comfortable

How to use Trulife 616 Tri-Featherweight Breast Form?

• Gently handle the Trulife Breast Form while inserting it in the cover that comes with it.
• Insert the covered breast form delicately inside the bra pocket.
• It is important to handle the breast form gently when inserting or removing it from the cover or pocket of the bra, as repeated pulling or squeezing of the form may cause damage to it over time.
• When not wearing the breast form, it is recommended to store the breast form in the box that it came in and keep it away from heat.
• This will help maintain the shape of the form and prevent accidental harm.

How to clean Trulife Tri-Featherweight Breast Form?

• Taking care of the breast form will prolong its lifetime and ensure long-lasting comfort and satisfaction.
• This breast form can be hand washed in lukewarm water with mild soap.
• The form can be dried with a towel, but without wringing or rubbing.
• Do not use perfume, powder or hot water directly on the form.
• Sharp objects such as fingernails, pins, broaches, scissors or pets claws should not be in contact with the form as they could cause damage of the form.

Technical Details:

• Weight: 0.5 kg

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