Nimbo Posterior Walker, Junior, Knight Blue

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Sale price1,860.00 AEDVAT Inclusive
<h4>Description:</h4><p> The Nimbo Posterior Walker - Junior Size - Knight Blue, has a lightweight aluminum frame, is (see more...)
<p> The Nimbo Posterior Walker - Junior Size - Knight Blue, has a lightweight aluminum frame, is height adjustable and can be used in anterior position. Its one-directional rear 5" wheels with aluminum ratchet and pin mechanism adhere to any surface and will not allow the Nimbo to slide backwards. The anti-reverse override bracket can disengage the one-directional  rear wheels and allow forward & reverse mobility. Front swivel 4.5" wheels enhance maneuverability and ease of turning. A locking mechanism easily switches front wheels from swivel to non-swivel. Each wheel can be independently adjusted. This walker has a 100 pound weight capacity. </p>
<p>• Adaptive and adjustable mobility aid that offers independence and confidence to adult and pediatric users with cerebral palsy<br>• Intended for users with neuromuscular disorders who need forearm and shoulder support to teach postural control and balance<br>• This reversed walker is adjustable and available in five sizes to accommodate a variety of users, from child to adult<br>• Features rubber 5” front and rear wheels that grip to polished and rigid surfaces without the fear of rolling backwards<br>• Rear wheels can be set to forward rolling for those with extreme limited mobility, and the front wheels feature swivels locks</p>
<p>• Provides cushioned comfort for users that require support to maintain a standing position.<br>• Recommended for users who have an asymmetrical posture when standing or walking and, therefore, cannot stay centered in the walker.<br>• It help them with an upright posture and promotes trunk extension. <br>• It helps to give a sense of security in front of the user.<br>• Standard features help the user advance their walking skills without having to buy new equipment.</p>
<h4>Technical Details:</h4>
<p>• Dimensions: 23.6" x 5.5" x 23.2" inches</p>
<p>• Weight: 12 lbs</p>

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