Meyra Avanti 1.736 Pediatric Silver Frame Wheelchair

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Sale price8,400.00 AEDVAT Inclusive
Description: The Avanti 1736 from the Meyra brand is an economical adaptive fall wheelchair. This is compatible (see more...)

The Avanti 1736 from the Meyra brand is an economical adaptive fall wheelchair. This is compatible with the Meyra construction kit. It is available in three different frame lengths and has a seat width of 30 to 58 cm. The seat depth is 33 to 53 cm and the back height is up to 44 cm. It has a straight front end with individually swing-away and removable leg supports, which allows individualized use.


• 3° wheel camber
• Manoeuvrability with minimal effort
• Pressure brake
• Attractive for your everyday activities

• Up to 12° seat tilt for fine adjustment options
• Height-adjustable side panel with one-handed operation
• Unique brake with extremely low actuating force
• Telescopic and angle-adjustable back height for ideal adaptation to changing medical conditions

Fields of Application
• Low cost and economic active folding wheelchair
• Compatibility for Meyra building block system
• Straight front chassis with single, swivel-away, and removable leg rests
• Weight reduced and expanded adjustment possibilities compared to lightweight wheelchairs
• Suited for people with remaining walking and standing abilities
• Good implementation for geriatric and neurological courses of disease
• For use at home, at work, and for recreation

• With the adjustment possibilities the user can propel the manual wheelchair with the handrails
• Simple transfer from the front is possible due to the swivel-away divided leg rests
• The wheelchair can be folded for transport and the wheels are removable
• The wheelchair can be braked with pressure or drum brakes

• Anti-tip wheel
• Transit castors
• Height adjustable push handles
• Stabilising bar
• Seat belt
• Therapy table
• Sliding board
• Walking stick holder
• Brake lever extension
• Seat cushion
• Heel cup
• Shoe fastening strap
• Permitted auxiliary drives
• Drum brakes
• Double handrails for one-hand drive
• Trends articles
• Occupant restraint system


• Fine adjustment Three frame lengths enable very good proportional allocation
• Wide variety of therapeutically proven accessories
• Equipment adaptable to personal needs even with changing medical conditions Extensive modular system

Technical Details:

• Seat widths between 30 and 58 cm
• Seat depths 33 to 53 cm
• Back heights 34 to 44 cm
• Max. seat angle
• Inclination 6°

• 3 Frame lengths
• Seat widths between 300 and 580 mm
• Seat depths from 330 to 530 mm
• Back heights from 340 to 440 mm
• With wheel sizes 22“ and 24“ the seat heights can be adjusted between 425 and max. 560 mm and in the back between 400 and 520 mm
• The maximum possible seat inclination is 12°
• The rear wheel can be adjusted to 4 horizontal and 9 vertical positions 3° wheel camber possible (optional)

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