Jobri Leg Wedge

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Color: Cream
Size: Medium
Sale price640.50 AEDVAT Inclusive
Description: Jobri Leg Wedge Our premium line of leg wedges system consists of BifomPad technology with a (see more...)

Jobri Leg Wedge Our premium line of leg wedges system consists of BifomPad technology with a memory foam layer over a supportive base foam. The memory foam layer custom contours to the body, relieving pain and discomfort. When utilized with our Memory Foam Bed Wedge (BR2500BW) it allows the user to achieve a zero-gravity position to remove strain to the lower back.


• BifomPad technology
• Elevating your legs for as little as 15 minutes per day enhances circulation and can help relieve aching, cramping feet, legs, calves, and knees as well as ease pressure on veins.
• Constructed of high-quality supportive foam with a layer of memory foam over the top for extra comfort then covered with luxury ecru velour fabric.


• BetterRest Leg Rest will allow you to relax, relieving the day's pressure from your body so you can sleep in peace.
• By placing the legs and feet on the BetterRest Leg Rest you are lifting your lower body above heart level, which allows for old blood to be pumped from your feet and legs and be replenished as it cycles around the body.
• The BetterRest Leg Pillow alleviates the pressure from your spine, easing the pain before and during sleep, which translates into a deeper rest.
• With the BetterRest BR2550, your blood circulation is boosted, allowing freshly oxygenated blood to move through your head and upper body, boosting your wakefulness and ability to concentrate.
• If you combine the BetterRest BR2550 with the BetterRest BR2500, you can achieve what is known as a zero-gravity sleeping position:
- In zero gravity, the head is raised a bit, and the knees slightly bent as the legs are raised to about heart level.
-This sleeping position encourages health and better sleep by encouraging the body's natural capability to relax, as gravity is evenly distributed through the body.

Technical Details:

• Sizes:
X-Small (WxLxH) (20″x12.5″x5″) For people under 5’2″
Small (WxLxH) (24″x20″x6.5″) For people 5’3″ to 5’5″
Medium (WxLxH) (24"x25″x8″) For people 5’6″ to 5’11”
Large (WxLxH) (24″x25″x10″) For people over 6’+

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