IV Stand With 4Hooks

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Color: White
Sale price178.50 AEDVAT Inclusive
Description: The IV Stand With 4Hooks, 57XIVS is a durable stand that provides a safe and secure (see more...)

The IV Stand With 4Hooks, 57XIVS is a durable stand that provides a safe and secure location for patients to receive intravenous treatments. The stand features four hooks that can be used to hang bags of fluid, a raised platform to elevate the head and a safety rail to prevent accidents. This stand is an essential addition to any healthcare facility and is perfect for emergency rooms, hospital wards, and more.


• They Are Easy for Medical Staff to Maneuver
• Patients Can Move Them at Their Convenience
• They Are Ergonomic
• They Are Stable
• Effective infusion care by hanging safely IV-bottles and bags
• Completely stainless - enhanced hygiene and disinfection conditions through smooth, electropolished surfaces


• It allows them to transfer patients who can't move on their own to other locations with ease.
• Ideal for patients who are able to and desire to move on their own.
• Ergonomics refers to the comfort experienced between user and device when they use a product.
• It also includes things such as the appearance of the IV pole and the height adjustment.
• The stability of IV poles means they are not easily knocked over.

Technical Details:

• Weight 2.3 kg

• Area of use: OP (Einleitungs-/Aufwachraum)
• Bottle Holder: Stainless steel
• Arrangement of the hooks: 90 ° to each other
• Material: Stainless steel
• Colour of plastic parts: blue
• Number of hooks: 4
• Type of height adjustment: Single-handed height adjustment system
• Maximum length/height (mm): 2,150
• Minimum length/height (mm): 1,350
• Inner tube diameter (mm): 18
• Outer tube diameter (mm): 25
• Length of outer tube (mm): 1,000
• Base diameter (mm): round, 635
• Base leg profile (mm): 30 x 15
• Base weight: non weighted
• Castors: Twin castors
• Castor diameter (Ø in mm): 50
• Drip vessel sterilizable: yes
• Total load capacity (kg): 9.5
• Load capacity per system (kg): 8
• Load capacity per hook (kg): 2

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