Genny Mono Wheelchair

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Sale price24,150.00 AEDVAT Inclusive
Descriptions: Rigid frame wheelchairs quite often look similar – limited metal underneath, a foot plate and folding (see more...)

Rigid frame wheelchairs quite often look similar – limited metal underneath, a foot plate and folding back usually achieve a lightweight wheelchair. The Genny Mono R is different. It uses a single stem frame and a flowing footrest to deliver a wheelchair that will (believe me) turn heads.

Features And Benefits:

The Genny Mono Wheelchair offers:
• Exceptional Maneuverability: Its single-wheel design enables easy navigation indoors and outdoors.
• Intuitive Control:** Responds to body movements for natural steering.
• Stability on Various Terrains:** Dynamic stabilization technology ensures balance on uneven surfaces.
• Comfortable Seating:** Ergonomic seat for extended comfort.
• Adjustable Options:** Customizable features for individual needs.
• Portability:** Compact design for easy transport and storage.
• Long Battery Life:** Extended mobility on a single charge.
• Safety Features:** Anti-tip protection and automatic braking for user safety.
• Experience independence and comfort with the Genny Mono Wheelchair.

Technical Details:

The wheelchair is aluminium and carbon fibre, meaning that it weighs 6.5kg without wheels. Whilst not the lightest on the market, it is complemented by a completely adjustable frame that doesn’t require tools. The seat, foot rest, brakes and back can be manually adjusted without the need of reducing your wheelchair to a pile of bolts and some allen keys.
The seat is carbon fibre, a single piece with a Velcro strip to hold the memory foam cushion in place. The backrest is the Scudo carbon fibre, weighing in at 500g. The vented upholstery and cushion offer great support, reaching well up the lumbar without impeding on your shoulders for propulsion.
The footplates are also carbon fibre and the casters have a single arm stem, giving a stripped down look. The clothing guards are also carbon fibre and can be removed for transport (although I confess, I didn’t bother).
Genny Mono R and a train Genny Mono R and a train
The frame has two pitches of 75 or 90 degrees and the wheels can be pitched at 0 or 3 degrees camber. It can also accept 24 or 25 inch wheels, quick extraction seat pivots and has a Tarta backrest option

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