Adult Diaper Pants MoliCare Premium Mobile, Diapers pants for adult incontinence, Unisex, Medium, 6 drops, 14 pieces / pack

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Brand: MoliCare® Premium MobileType: Diapers pants for adult incontinence, UnisexSize: Medium (80 - 120 cm waistline)Droplets: 6Quantity: (see more...)

Brand: MoliCare® Premium Mobile
Type: Diapers pants for adult incontinence, Unisex
Size: Medium (80 - 120 cm waistline)
Droplets: 6
Quantity: 14 pieces

• Active Skin Protection pH 5.5 and dermatologically tested to maintain healthy skin by potentially preventing or treating dermatitis
• Quick dry system three layer abosrbent core holds liquid quickly even under pressure for a dry feeling
• Anti-leakage system: maximum leakage protection based on high quality material and two-part cuff system
• Odour neutralizer due to the superabsorbent polymer that reduces ammonia formation and neutralizes unpleasant odor
• Underwear-feel through anatomical shape, soft material and lycras for a comfortable fit
• Wetness indicator shows saturation without removing the diaper
• User friendly particularly suitable in toilet training
• Made in France & Germany

For urinary and faecal incontinence, especially in mobile highly dependent or restless disoriented persons.
* Recommended to use with MoliCare® Skin cleansing foam for a healthier skin condition

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