Caremax Comfort (R1) Aluminum Liquid Frame Vinyl-Coated

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Color: Red
Sale price1,018.50 AEDVAT Inclusive
Description: Made of a aluminum liquid frame, this lightweight 4 wheel rollator from Comfort R1 features an (see more...)

Made of a aluminum liquid frame, this lightweight 4 wheel rollator from Comfort R1 features an attractive design sure to impress. Ergonomic design for more comfort with less wrist strain. This Comfort R1 rollator has 8” inches front wheels that make it easy to traverse over most obstacles found both inside and outside. The backrest is flexible for more comfort, and it is also removable. For more ease of use, the Comfort Rollator can be folded using only one hand due to the handle on the mesh seat. The Comfort R1 Rollator comes with a front side removable carry pouch to help you take your belongings with you. The Comfort R1 uses bicycle style brakes, and for added safety, the brake cable is inside the frame so it won’t get caught on things


• Compact Size
• Pedal assistance for crossing obstacles.
• Adjustable height
• Wheellock
• Hand brake
• Crutch holder
• Carry bag
• Aluminum liquid frame
• Vinyl-coated polyester woven fabrics seat with backrest
• Backrest with embroidery LOGO
• Foldable design for easy storage or transport
• 8" inches EVA front wheel
• 7 inches rear wheel
• Max user weight: 136 kg (kilogram)
• N.W: .7.5 kg (kilogram)


• The Comfort rollator wheels allow it to easily move along in front of you without forcing you to lift it up with every step. This means that the need to steady yourself before lifting the walker is eliminated, letting you focus on the world around you rather than every single step.
• Having wheels on each leg might make you nervous that the rollator could roll itself away from you, Just lightly squeeze the handle pulls to apply the brake as needed. Most models also have a parking brake that keep the brake applied indefinitely.
• This rollator is designed to move around with you, so the cords and wires that connect the brake to the wheels are often hidden inside the frame to avoid getting caught on anything.
• The adjustable height settings on a rollator mean that the unit can be used by a wide demographic.
• Many models come with all-terrain wheels which allow for an easy transition between moving around outdoors, Comfort rollator the tires are generally made of a non-marking material so you can rest assured that the wheels won’t scuff up your floors when bringing it inside.

Technical Details:

• Seat Depth: 19 cm
• Seat Width: 45 cm
• Seat Height: 53 cm
• Over all lenght: 69 cm
• Over all width: 67 cm
• Over all height: 79 cm - 94 cm (spring button for adjustment)
• Weight: 7.5 kg

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