Cardinal Health Kendall Scd Sequential Compression Comfort Sleeves

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Unit: Pair
Size: Medium
Sale price514.50 AEDVAT Inclusive
Description: The Comfort Sleeve is designed to address the issue of sweat and heat with its moisture (see more...)

The Comfort Sleeve is designed to address the issue of sweat and heat with its moisture and thermal management properties, allowing air circulation on the patient's skin and minimizing sweat pools, irritation, and itchiness to improve patient acceptance7. As part of the Smart Compression system, Comfort Sleeves include the following smart features:


• Compresses a larger surface area5* with a circumferential design, clearing blood from behind the valve cusp where most DVTs form6, and delivering therapy regardless of sleeve position, which may save nursing time
• Squeezes the leg in a ‘milking’ action using sequential inflation of three separate chambers
• Increases blood flow by inflating each chamber sequentially at a different pressure8
• Eliminate managing multiple vendors and SKUs
• Partner with you to educate staff on proper collection procedures
• Provide a more stable and efficient product supply with predictable cost savings
• Protect the environment by diverting medical waste from landfills9
• Size: Medium
• Thigh Circumference: 55.9 cm to 71.1 cm


• Cool, venting inner fabric helps to wick sweat away from the skin, evaporating through the soft edges. Through this process, cool air is also transferred through the vent holes.
• The sleeve material’s fibers have diameters similar to silk and cashmere, helping to deliver softness and smoothness.
• Improved bladder geometry helps to evenly distribute pressure.
• The sleeve’s pillowcase design may help address skin irritation by allowing the layers to glide freely among each other as the patient shifts in bed.

Kendall SCD™ Comfort Sleeves (Thigh Length)
• Medium
• Calf circumference <28" (71.1 cm)

Technical Details:

• Dimensions: L x W x H: 55.9 x 0 x 71.1 centimeter

• Weight: 0.5 kg

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