Apex Medical Pro-Bario Nursing Bed And Bed Mat

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Sale price26,250.00 AEDVAT Inclusive
Description: The Apex Pro Bario is an electrically adjustable bariatric bed that has been designed specifically for (see more...)

The Apex Pro Bario is an electrically adjustable bariatric bed that has been designed specifically for the needs of heavier users and those in bariatric care. Pro Bario is the original bariatric care bed with an innovative anti-lateral tilt system. The Pro Bario is one of the lowest bariatric hospital beds on the market. Lowering to just 200mm from the ground helps to minimize the risk of severe fall-related injuries and to make bed entrances and exits much more manageable for patients and carers. The 41 stone maximum weight capacity means that a heavier patient can rely on solid construction and continued durability. The Pro Bario also boasts an inventive anti-tilt system, which prevents bed frame warping to prolong lifespan.


• 4 section mattress support.
• Electrically adjusted height from nominal 20cm to 60cm.
• Electrically adjusted backrest.
• Electrically adjusted leg lift with Fowler position knee-break.
• Electrically adjusted Trendelenburg/reverse function.
• Simple 'lift & lock' side rails in attractive beech.
• Head & foot boards in attractive beech.
• Lifting pole & grabbing handle.
• Easy assembly and installation.
• Innovative anti-lateral tilt system for total stability
• Easily wheeled on transit/storage frame.
• Metal mesh mattress support prolongs the life of the mattress.
• Powder-coated steel construction for durability & ease of cleaning.


• Prevent minor health issues such as bedsores and ulcers for the patients as they use them.
• Due to its allowable airflow underneath the foam, patients control the temperature either to aid the warm or cold atmosphere around them
• Removable sidebars or panels of the bed permit a convenient shifting of the patient to another place.
• Bariatric beds are programmed for lower heights so the patient can climb the bed with ease.
• The bed frame is also 120cm wide offering a wider mattress platform for comfort or plus size users.
• Users with Limited Mobility

Technical Details:

• Material: Steel/Wood
• Colour: Multi-Color
• Unisex
• Width 120cm
• Length of lying platform 200cm
• Height 22cm-62cm
• Safe Working Load 41St - 260kg
• Others Electrical height adjustment
• Electrically adjusted backrest
• Electrical Knee Break
• Manual Raised Leg Section
• Dimensions: 200 x 120 x 22-62 centimeters
• Weight: 70 kg

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