Apex Medical Domus Auto/8" Pump & Mattress

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Color: Gray
Sale price5,040.00 AEDVAT Inclusive
Description: Domus Auto is designed as an effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers, (see more...)

Domus Auto is designed as an effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers, offering enhanced quality of care and reduced risks for caregivers. The proprietary pressure/body-weight algorithm is embedded within a quiet and vibration-free pump, which enables automatic pressure adjustment in response to individual body mass distribution and patient movement. Two different heights of the mattress are also available for Domus Auto including the 8” cell-on-cell mattress which is able to provide at least a few hours of basic support during power outages. The system is intended for the delivery of high-quality care to vulnerable patients and residents, whilst remaining easy-to-use for the caregivers and simple to clean and maintain.


• Automatically adjusts to the patient's weight, saves the caregiver’s loading
• Cell-on-cell mattresses provide hours of support during a power outage.
• Versatile therapy modes for different nursing requirements.
• Proven anti-MRSA activity Silver+ cover helps with control of cross-infection.
• Cell-on-cell Bladder Design: The bottom cells acts as basic pressure support in case of power failure for the system without an extra foam base. (available on H8” mattress).
• Z IP p e r-A l l-Around Cover: Reduce ingress of unwanted fluid and can be completely removed for laundry.
• Foam Base Pocket: For inserting additional foam. ( Available on H5” mattress )
• CPR Valves: Quickly deflate the mattress for emergencies.


• Domus Air mattresses allow for better blood circulation and pressure relief to the patient sleeping on it. Moreover, since it is possible to change pressure points by shifting the position of the one sleeping on it, an air mattress always provides a fresh feel to the patient.
• It allows the patient’s body to move comfortably. Since it is possible to shift the pressure points so that the individual’s body is in motion, it is much less likely that a patient who utilizes an air mattress will get sore skin or painful bedsores.
• Air Mattresses can be used for both hospital and home care. These mattresses are more comfortable and easier to use in comparison to other heavy mattresses.
• Suitable for patients in low to medium risk of pressure injury
• 4" height overlay mattress with various sizes available
• It is an ideal transition mattress for a homecare setting

Technical Details:


• Dimension: 29 x 18.5 x 12.6 cm
• Weight: 2.2 Kg
• Case Material: Flame retardant ABS
• Supply Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50Hz ; 100-120V, 60Hz
• Operating Cycle: 9.6 mins


• 8” Replacement
• Dimension: 200 x 90 x 20.3 cm
• Alternating: 1 - in - 2
• Cell Height: 20 x 8” cells
• Weight: 6.9 kg
• Cover Material: Silver+Nylon / PU*
• Cell Material: Nylon / PU
• Maximum Patient Weight: 200 kg
• Flame Retardant Standards: EN 597-1 & EN 597-2

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