Apex Medical Domus 1 2.5" Pump & Mattress Bubble Pad

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Color: Brown
Sale price493.50 AEDVAT Inclusive
Description: Domus 1 is ideal for the prevention and treatment of patients at low risk of pressure (see more...)

Domus 1 is ideal for the prevention and treatment of patients at low risk of pressure ulcers. This lightweight and compact alternating pressure pad are composed of 2.5”-height bubble cells, and it is used as an alternative for heavier products such as gel overlay mattresses. The system is great for short-term usage and easy to install. With a pressure adjustable pump and extension flaps on the top and bottom sides of the bubble pad to prevent the pad from sliding, Domus 1 is designed to be a great transition mattress for homecare.


• Adjustable hangers are suitable for most bed types.
• Weight Indicator reference to facilitate optimized pressure setting.
• Extension flaps can be tucked under the standard mattress for stabilization.
• Medical grade PVC pad is easy to clean and fire retardant.
• Other characteristics: anti-decubitus, honeycomb
• Technology: dynamic air


• Domus Air mattresses allow for better blood circulation and pressure relief to the patient sleeping on it. Moreover, since it is possible to change pressure points by shifting the position of the one sleeping on it, an air mattress always provides a fresh feel to the patient.
• Domus Air mattresses allow the patient’s body to move comfortably. Since it is possible to shift the pressure points so that the individual’s body is in motion, it is much less likely that a patient who utilizes an air mattress will get sore skin or painful bedsores.
• Air Mattresses can be used for both hospital and home care. These mattresses are more comfortable and easier to use in comparison to other heavy mattresses.
• Suitable for patients in low to medium risk of pressure injury
• 4" height overlay mattress with various sizes available
• It is an ideal transition mattress for a homecare setting

Technical Details:


• Dimension: 23.7 x 11.2 x 9.5 cm
• Weight: 1.4 kg
• Case Material: Flame retardant ABS
• Supply Voltage: AC 230V, 50 Hz ; AC 230V, 60 Hz ; 120V, 60Hz
• Operating Cycle: 9.6 min ( 230V ) ; 8 min ( 120V )


• 2.5” Bubble Pad Overlay
• Dimension: 196 x 90 x 6.4 cm
• Alternating: 1 - in - 2
• Cell Height: 2.5” x 130 pcs of bubbles
• Weight: 2.3 kg
• Material: Medical - grade PVC
• Maximum Patinet Weight: 100 kg
• Flame Retardant Standards : CA 117


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